Mobile Solutions

We understand that to transform your business, realize new opportunities, handle change, and deliver high quality products and services, you need your people to be engaged and committed in what they do. Paramount to this is having the ability to work while on the move, using a mobile device of preference.

Our browser-based IFS Aurena user experience has been built from the ground up to be fully responsive and fully customizable, allowing you to work the way you prefer to work on the device that’s best for the job.

For specialized tasks, we offer dedicated mobile field service software and warehouse data collection capabilities that improve the way your teams work and boost efficiency every step of the way.

We also offer a series of everyday mobile business apps designed to make tasks like timesheet and expense submission as quick and simple as possible.

Our full Suite, on any device

To make sure IFS Applications works on your terms – and the devices you like to use – the main user experience – IFS Aurena – is designed to be responsive in ways not normally associated with business applications.

Covering the full functional scope of IFS Applications, IFS Aurena adapts to screen sizes and device capabilities in the same way you expect from well-designed consumer software. It is available in browsers on Windows, Mac, iOS or Android devices. This means that you can enjoy the same powerful functionality on phone, tablet or desktop – pages adapt automatically to suit your needs.

The responsive behavior goes beyond simply reflowing the layout into a different number of columns, according to screen size. For example, if you’re working on smaller devices, where space is at a premium, columns are intelligently removed so that the most important information is still visible. On phones, the buttons move from the top to the bottom of the screen so that they are closer to your thumb when holding your phone with one hand.

Field Service and Maintenance

For field service organizations, empowering service technicians and increasing workforce productivity are some of the main drivers to increased customer satisfaction and profitability. IFS Mobile Work Order, built on our new IFS Aurena Native mobile framework provides all the capability a field technician needs in a highly configurable app that can be tailored to your processes without the need for customization. Field technicians have access to all the customer and equipment details, documentation, inventory and task related information they need to ensure their work is done right first time in the most efficient way to provide service that delights your customers. Our framework includes offline capability that ensures service can be delivered regardless of network coverage.

In Maintenance, both site-based and disparately-located engineers need the right information available to them to undertake preventive and reactive work on high value assets in an efficient and effective manner. Here, we offer a maintenance-specific version of IFS Mobile Work Order, centered around the equipment being maintained with offline capability whilst also offering our Technician Portals – a responsive online application that provides all the capability of mobile work order with a simple, quick to deploy architecture that lets you get up and running in minutes.

Mobile Business Applications

Downloadable from Google Play and Apples App Store, each of our mobile business apps focuses on a very clear task, presenting the important and relevant information. The Apps incorporate device features such as phoning, messaging, email, GPS, maps, voice recording and photo capture.

Current IFS business apps include:

  • CRM Companion – Designed to support sales personnel in day-to-day work in the field and their managers. Allows you to keep track of customers, business leads, business activities and opportunities.
  • Notify Me – Provides a single unified list that tells you when there are new business events requiring attention such as Absence Requests, Purchase Requisitions and Supplier Invoices. It is possible to Approve or Reject the events directly from the App.
  • Time Tracker – Lets you report and confirm worked time and view the current time reporting status. Shows current status at a glance and shortcuts enable quick, easy daily time reporting.
  • Trip Tracker – Track expenses, mileage, and deductions during your travels. Handles expenses, mileage, allowances and deductions for travel and allows reporting against a single company, or multiple companies.

Mobile Warehouse Data Collection Software

The IFS Warehouse Data Collection solution has been developed to meet the demands of businesses that want a one-stop-shop solution for warehouse mobility. The solution provides a highly configurable process-driven interface and ease of use that requires minimum training and significantly reduces errors. IFS Warehouse Data Collection is a complete solution for fast and accurate reporting of warehouse transactions using barcodes and mobile devices.

Benefits for the user:

  • Fully configurable processes to meet individual requirements
  • Efficient and accurate reporting of warehouse transactions using bar-codes and unique handling unit ID’s
  • No reporting delays and no errors

Benefits for the business:

  • Built on IFS core technology with complete integration assured
  • Compatible with a range of platforms and devices
  • No additional cost from third party integration and no additional upgrade complexity.